Jonas Holfeld

Hi, I'm Jonas. I'm a web developer and work as a freelancer, specializing in developing full-stack websites and web applications customized from CMS to frontend.

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Customized Web Design

I strive for beautiful websites and applications that are fully customized, leight-weight, mobile-centered and accessible for everyone. Therefore I usually collaborate with graphic-designers such as:


Apart from web development, I have a passion for electronic music and enjoy creating projects that make noise. Whenever possible, I seek to intertwine sound with web development. Additionally, I co-run a label called "PH17" with SOLARIS, primarily releasing content under my alias, Stanley Schmidt.

Get in touch if you need a web-programmer, I'm also happy to recommend a graphic designer for your project.

Font used on this website: New Edge 666 Light by


HYBRIS website programming for the art-based research initiative by Yana Zschiedrich, together with Studio Distaff.

Agentur für Aufbruch

Custom Backend + Frontend for scientific and artistic research platform AfA, together with Knoth&Renner.

Bauwende Sachsen

Kirby Backend + Custom Frontend with focus on sustainable and accessible programming for the sustainability network Saxony, together with Wolfgang Schwärzler.

The second launch included an interactive map (using MapBox GL JS), an interactive knowledge map, and user submissions.

Mona Liesa

Kirby Backend + Custom Frontend for the feminist library Mona Liesa. Design by Franzi Leiste and Janett Andrejewski, theme by Stefanie Leinhos.


Data Migration from a Drupal CMS, new Kirby Backend, Page Relations with Many-To-Many, Customized Frontend, together with Knoth & Renner.

Jul Gordon

Kirby Backend + Custom Frontend for the comic artist Jul Gordon. Together with Franziska Leiste.


Website, Easter-Eggs, Sounds and Riddles for our new event series in Leipzig. Design by Anja Kaiser.

Professional Media Master Class

Kirby Backend + Custom Frontend for the Professional Media Master Class. Together with Knoth & Renner.

Insert Female Artist

Kirby Backend + Custom Frontend for the literature festival Insert Female Artist. Concept and design by Janett Andrejewski, Stefanie Leinhos and Franziska Leiste.

Transit Architektinnen

Kirby Backend + Custom Frontend for the architects Laura Bracke and Diana Felber. Design by Wolfgang Schwärzler.

Emergency Support Initiative

Kirby Backend + Custom Frontend for an Emergency Support Initiative for cultural workers in Ukraine. Design by Wolfgang Schwärzler.

You Can’t Trust Music

Kirby Backend + VueJS Custom Frontend for Xenia Benivolski / Eflux. Together with Knoth & Renner.

Camelot Typefaces

Mobile Version and new features for Design by Camelot, code-basis by Toni Schönbuchner and Christoph Knoth.

DJ YUMYUM - Decisions

Website for our label PH17 on the occasion of the release of DJ YumYum’s release. Together with Anja Kaiser.

Kunst, Spektakel, Revolution

Kirby Backend, Data-Migration + Custom Frontend for Kunst, Spektakel, Revolution.

Kyiv Biennial 2021

Kirby Backend + Custom Frontend for the 2021 Kyiv Biennial. Design by Wolfgang Schwärzler.

Kirby3 Many To Many Plugin

Kirby3 Plugin for easy many-to-many relationships without a database. I made this while being an intern and under the supervision and help of Knoth & Renner.


Kirby Backend with data migration + Custom Frontend for The European Media Art Platform EMAP. Together with Knoth & Renner.



Web-based piece together with Anja Kaiser. Design by Anja Kaiser, coding and sound by me. Concept: both. The piece was part of the online edition of Balance Club Culture Festival 2020.

Tender Squad Compilation

Curation of the compilation of Balance - Club Culture Festival as part of the 2020 online edition of the festival.

Smart Replies

My first full length EP on Vienna Records.


Solaris asked me to record one hour of music for her RINSE.FM show.

Binaural Beats

Monthly radio show on Radio Corax together with Hobor.


Label and mix curation since 2016 together with Solaris, Hobor and Schroeter und Berger.